Diving Places

Fox's Cave

From the Boat

Intermediate to Expert

18-30 Meters

The Fox's Cave is called this way because it used to be the home of a fox shark a long time ago. Now we cannot find this lovely creature anymore, but his home remains for our pleasure. Even though we call it "Cave", it's not a real cave, it's more similar to a passage with few points of light from outside. That's why it's a cool place to visit; divers can enter the cave without the need of a cave's specialty.  We will go to the Fox's Cave in the boat, and the anchor will be set down at maximum of 18 meters, around the cave. We will be able to take a look inside and outside the cave, as it's a very interesting spot where you can see a lot of different fishes and sea life in general. If you are lucky, you will be able to see the current owner of the cave, a gorgeous big puffer fish (Tamboril Espinoso) who is proud to call it home.  It's really important to know that, because of its location, in order to do this dive, sea conditions must be really good. Normally we can find some current at this spot that beginner divers could find a little bit tricky.